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2017 is approaching and, with it, the ability or the will to want to take a cut. But what hair style to adopt for the next year? An idea I want to propose: to focus with conviction on cuts medium hair that – among the various benefits that they can give – they also have to feel good a little bit to all, and to be able to lighten your look in a cool and glamour. So we try to learn a bit more and find out how you can get the best results with your “new” hair to medium or medium-long!

Easy to manage

Among the main benefits that the hair cuts for medium to medium-long may confer, there is also the possibility to manage them with particular ease, the shampoo and styling do not require a lot of time, especially if, before proceeding with the cutting of medium hair, you will have the foresight to share the good with your hair, focusing great attention on the type of your hair straight, curly or wavy. Are also easy the various hairstyles that you can flaunt: you can for example bet on a very elegant chignon, on the tails or braids and more carefree. In any case, the hairstyle chosen will remain perfect throughout the day or for the whole evening, especially if you will help with a few lifestyle accessory, like the practices of hairpins and elastics.

Hair medium and wavy

Introduced to the generality of the foregoing, let us begin to take care of the best hairstyle on medium hair going from wavy hair. In this case, you can bet for example on a long bob is slightly asymmetrical, with strands left longer on the cheeks to give the impression of a greater movement. These haircuts are still the most contemporary trend, if you can match an appropriate play of different shades of dark and light to be able to increase the dynamic effect.

Hair medium and straight

With regard to the average hair smooth, you can opt for with a particular security for a medium hairstyle with bangs: also in 2017, in fact, the fringe will be an accessory of great trend, and if you have straight hair, you are really in a good spot, considering that it will be very easy to manage.

Medium hair curly

Moving on to the medium hair and curly, to be perfect cuts medium scaled, can give you a new proportion to the whole head of hair. You look especially thin in the neck, trying to keep the volume on the tips. Avoid instead the fringe, preferring – if you really want to cover the front – a belciuffo to leave free.

70+ photos for you

We conclude, therefore, with a beautiful gallery that will offer an extraordinary collection of hair for medium to long to wear with hairstyles super trendy in the next few months. Sfogliatela with due attention and read about each style, and wonder what might be the margins of personalization and embellishment. Having said that, take the photo (or photos) for reference to your hair, and studied with him what you can do on your crown, in respect of your desires and your specificities. Good choice!

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110 hair cuts for medium to long trend for 2017