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Who said that a tattoo, to be of great appeal, must necessarily also be very large? Fortunately for all women who want to show off a nice tattoo but do not like the complexity or the drawings that are too large and complicated, below we have the pleasure to show you a beautiful collection of 25 different tattoos, minimalist , young women like you have already had the opportunity to experience pleasantly on her skin, getting the benefits in terms of the look truly enviable! And what do you think? Let’s try together to make some brief reasoning about the new trend in the field of body art!

Tattoos, minimalist effect to the top!

As you will see by browsing through our gallery, we have chosen to select for you a series of tattoos, minimalist to great effect, that will demonstrate – as we have already mentioned in the opening lines of – that, often, the tattoos, the most simple consisting of just a few lines, have the best capacity to be able to inspire a good communicative power. From flowers to animals, from the geometric lines of the writing, are endless opportunities to enrich your skin with a beautiful work of body art…

Where create a tattoo minimalist?

As well as almost infinite are the opportunities of realization of your tattoo favorite, almost infinite are also placements that you can give to the tattoo on your skin. Some women prefer to for example to apply the tattoo on a very visible, thus reinforcing the effectiveness of communication. Other people opt instead for areas that in the greater part of the year (or situations!). are covered, such as the back or the side. Much will depend, of course, from you, and very much also on the context in which you are going to “work”: some employers do not like, in fact, the exposure of tattoos in areas that are very visible, and it might therefore be preferable to tack on the areas with the most discrete.

25 tattoos to look at!

Here we come to the time to share our gallery with you: lots of opportunities to observe and share with your friends, with the aim of identifying a possible model on which to make any new arguments in the company of your tattoo artist. Try then to understand if there is actually something exploitable, or if, instead, it is better to go elsewhere, fueling your imagination with the new hypothesis style. And what do you think? You have found in the photos that follow something that has particularly convinced? You have a tattoo, minimalist on your skin? What is it about?

Prima1 of 25Dopo

25 tattoos minimalist for young women!