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The medium hair are definitely a choice of great appeal to all women who choose to give the right confidence to this particular length. However, it is well to remember that the hair is “average” can actually mean many things. Evaluated which this kind of category of hair is extremely versatile, it follows that the average hair can be prone to short or to long with the same charm, and that will allow you to show off thousands of different alternative styles without necessarily having to revolutionize in the way too your style to start with. But what are the styles of medium hair that will go for more in the coming months?

Wavy or straight

Let’s begin with the eternal question: better to have one style of hair medium, choppy , or one style of medium hair smooth? Unfortunately for you, there is no certain answer. What I do recommend, however, is pandering to your natural hair. Considered that it is precisely the naturalness of the crown should be a guide line for the next few months, nothing better than to leave the smooth style of medium hair if you already have the hair a smooth, natural, and accompany you in soft waves instead, if you have your hair a little wavy

Effect messy

About guidelines, one of the trends that has long been a candidate to be one of the most accessible is certainly the use of a bell’effect, messy, slightly disheveled and casual, that will allow you to achieve a look more young and natural in a short time and without the need of distortion. So try to mess a bit with the crown, rather than opt for a style that is excessively rigid and sober, and you will, without a doubt, a substantial added value in terms of freshness and verve. You can also help you with some ad hoc product to be able to get an even more soft and easy.

Loved by women of any age and of any professional approach or not, the bob is certainly a cut which you can not do less in an evaluation stage, enriching the range of alternatives at your disposal.

Luckily, all the women who with conviction have embraced the “philosophy” aesthetics of the bob, the bob is also cut very customizable, being able to choose not only the length of the entire hairstyle, but also its volume, the extent of the clump and of the scaling, the ability to insert bleaching and other techniques of color, modern, accessories, and so on. In short, a real “world” of hairstyles, we are sure, will not fail to satisfy the girl demanding more.

Of course, all this will be accompanied by a careful analysis with your trusted hairdresser. The fact that there are so many bob between the inspiration is not, of course, mean that all of the bob are equally suitable to any facial: a facial is particularly elongated, for example, you may require a bob, a little more voluminous, perhaps with the hair to wave, while a face more round could be streamlined by a bob longer.

Equally important also is the closure of bob: some women prefer a closed dynamic, directed towards the world, while others want to reward the line of the face, closing up with a sort of “frame” may follow the lines of the jaw.

Still, an essential part of the analysis of the best bob is covered by the color: some women are crazy for the discoloration (shatush & co.) but it is better to stop for a moment to reflect how, in reality, the discoloration to give their best, especially on the cuts that are longer, while the bob short may be advised to apply the techniques too “forced”. Better instead to try to reserve the shatush or the damage free to bob long or medium term, leaving the more uniform the bob short. About the color, winter 2015 brings with it the embarrassment of the choice: you can then give the best show you by applying alternately of dark tones particularly in fashion (dark brown & co.) or tone lightened.

Finally, we will conclude by offering you 37 fantastic styles medium hair that you should look with special attention. It is, in fact choices are very attractive and easily adoptable by women of all ages, and for this reason we have chosen to propose with conviction. Browse, therefore, the hypothesis that you can find in the rows below, and evaluated with calm every single model trying to understand how it is possible to customize it and enrich it, to make it unique and more closely to your style preferences. And remember: let us know what you think by using the comments!

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37 fantastic bob average for women of all ages