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The average length of your hair is an excellent compromise between a short haircut and a long one. It is also an extremely versatile choice and female… as well as that preferred by boys: it is not a new some recent research have confirmed that the male population prefers the hair medium when it comes to find a look that can appear more sexy and seductive. Therefore, if you are convinced of your cuts, and medium hair, there is nothing better to go a little further, and try to understand what are the coolest trends of this period for the medium hairstyle!

Ombre hair

In the last weeks we have neglected a bit, but in reality, the ombre hair is a great protagonist of your life stylistic. On average hair, in particular, the ombre hair can certainly provide a good boost to the aesthetic, giving more shine to the foliage, which will turn out to be more sinuous and lively. Try to play with the scaling and with tufts: the result will surely be very pleasant and you will be able to appreciate even more the makeover that you have decided to do with your hair (if you want to know more, in the gallery below you can find various alternatives!).

A long fringe

If you have a nice regular facials , and want to frame it with a hair style that does not betray certainly your expectations, try to focus on the pair fringe lengths on the front. You can succeed in this way to make you appreciate even more in your search for a new style! As regards the fringe, the same should be long and light, to tap the eyebrow, and ready to “become” a true tuft. Also in this case, in the gallery today, you can find solid examples ready to satisfy your curiosity. What are you waiting for to give you a look at the best models?

40 fantastic cuts to be evaluated!

Here we come, even today, at the final part of our exploration. In the lines that follow you will find plenty of cuts medium hair suitable for women that have hair particularly smooth and who wish to enhance more remarkable for their beauty. Our suggestion can be to take a very careful look at all the cuts and identify those that attract you most, after you imagine grappling with these hairstyle. Done this, try also to personalize every cut and trust of every detail with the hair. And tell us now: which of the following styles you prefer more?

Prima1 of 40Dopo

40 fantastic cuts medium straight hair