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Like many other specialized sites, we are partially guilty of having neglected the average hair in favour of short ones (especially) and the long ones. However, we are pleasantly and frequently the opportunity to return to the topic in presenting to you many alternatives in the field of medium hair which – as in the occasion of today – to be able to give you some guidelines a little bit different than your usual look, and are perhaps able to provide some good food for thought to take from your hairdresser to be able to share with him the possibility of giving a result of a massive restyling. But how?

Damage free on medium hair

It is certainly not easy to try to summarize what may be the best alternative for women who love the medium hair. Let’s try, however, starting from the damage free, a particular way of hair coloring with which it is attempted to blend multiple shades within a single canopy, with an effect tend to be natural, as if your hair have been long-exposed under the light of the sun. On the lob (or bob average) the damage free is able to assume an added value which is very enviable, that you should not be underestimated in view of the new season.

Wavy or straight, the important thing is to find your own harmony

With regard to the perennial opposition between the smooth and the rough, there is a preferred solution for PE2017. With regard to the first trend, the smooth, the central line and the side can well be exploited on your hair naturally straight, without therefore make large forces on the nature of the foliage. In particular, free street to the middle line, if you have hair super smooth, while the line side will give you a touch of more personality, hair is also slightly wavy.

As instead regards the blur, needless to reiterate at this point that the possibility to show off the soft waves in the summer season is almost a must. In line with the trends of the moment, that recall to mind the need to show off a look natural and messy, try to accompany the real nature of your hair without forcing you to change it too radical: the goal should be to have a hairstyle easy to re-create, cheeky, a bit random. The result will be extraordinarily attractive and seductive, and, above all, puts you in the shelter from the necessity of having to intervene too often to rearrange thehairstyle of reference.

Pastel colors… or not?

A world of opportunities seem to open up before you, also with regard to the colors. We have already seen, in the past few months, that the pastel colors are one of the must-haves for those people who want to give an image of great personality, drawing from the tones that are not “within the reach” of all, but only of those women who want to be able to say, its look and its image through a declination certainly uncommon and unique. However, the hair of medium are sufficiently large to ensure that the many games of color and contrasts, and the use of all the main techniques of coloring can conferirvi an important value-added aesthetic.

And here we come today with the expected time of sharing a photo gallery that in the last days we have built for you, and have chosen today to offer you. Our usual suggestion, that you should now well know, is to carve out a few minutes of your time to try to understand if these models do or not in your case, and, in the event the most positive, proceed to further study in the company of your hair salon. At the end of this path we are sure that you will have a way to customize the style of great impact!

Prima1 of 44Dopo

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