Prima1 of 40Dopo

Here we are, back with another beautiful collection of short haircuts and modern for the girls who want to experiment, most a lukewarm makeover to the inside of your own head of hair, marrying some of the most cool of the moment and, in this way, being able to prepare in the best possible way to the appointment with the arrival of the new year. But what are the trends that you should not miss for anything in the world? Let us know a little more, and see together a beautiful gallery with 40 different hypothesis of style!

Medium short

As we have often reminded you in the course of the last few months, short hair does not necessarily mean scraping the whole or part of their foliage. You could therefore choose to opt with conviction in respect of one style, medium short, ideal especially if you have very thin hair and you want to create a bit of movement and dynamism through a suitable structure to climb. Easy to comb and versatility, they are a choice that never disappoints!

Pixie shag

The style shag is back into fashion fervently in the course of the last few months, going to remember that it is ideally matched to a beautiful pixie. Essential experience for the girls who have traits very delicate, and who want to focus the attention on your gaze with the eyes in full view, might be a little less suited to done who have facial features very pronounced, or the chin is particularly pronounced, which could find greater satisfaction elsewhere.


Also the cuts for short hair bowl-are returning to fashion. Geometric enough to be paired with a beautiful fringe linear, it is a rather courageous that you should weigh carefully with your hair, trying to possibly structure it in line with the characteristics of your face.

Bob short

Could not miss the bob short? Of course not! The short bob is by far one of the hair styles the most cool of the moment. And the fact that it was one of the styles of the higher trend, even in the course of the last few years, it should not certainly surprise you! It is a hairstyle that is able to renew itself season after season, and which you can therefore entrust this with particular conviction of the need to take a pleasing makeover.

40 models ready to use!

At this point of our brief discussion, we focus on the sharing of a beautiful gallery with 40 different models over the past few days we have identified for you, and we wanted to share it on these pages. Try to browse the gallery ritagliandovi a few minutes of your time, pausing on each shot with a bit of attention. For each model, you should in fact imagine how you can customize the style on you, on your characteristics of strength and on your personality.

Once you find the style more in line with your aesthetic needs, try to discuss it with the hairdresser of trust and share with him the final result you want to achieve. And what do you think? You have found what is right for you?

Prima1 of 40Dopo

40, modern short haircuts for experimenting with a complete redesign!