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Tattoo an inscription, a phrase, a quote or a few words, it is a trend that more and more often women, young or less young, are following with particular conviction, well aware that – although an image can be highly evocative – it’s often the words illustrate better than any other form of tattoo their thoughts and their emotions. But what tattoo? And where tattooing? Let’s try to learn a little more with some small hint, and let us show you 40 different new models of tattoos with lettering, which you can evaluate and fold to your needs!

Written: attention to meaning and form!

The tattoo with the lettering is a tattoo to be weighed with special attention… and the reason is soon said! The writings are, in fact, of the messages tend to be rather clear, and therefore it is unfortunately very easy to lose aim of their own thoughts. Often written can be misinterpreted or, more easily, the message that today you intend to branch into in the future could be considered in a different way or, further, may be evaluated in divergent just by yourself. Also, pay great attention to its correctness, especially if it is in a foreign language or is a translation from a foreign language: there is no thing worse than tattooing a sentence is not correct from the grammatical point of view!

Where tattoo?

As regards the choice of the area to make the protagonist of your next tattoo, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Currently the most popular for a beautiful tattoo with phrases and quotes are the next, or the arms. Much will depend, however, also the length of your sentence: if it is not very extended, you could choose to extend it also on the wrist, on the ankle, on the neck or where you prefer. There are no precise rules that will limit your creativity!

40 models to watch!

As always, we close this our depth by offering you a beautiful collection of 40 different models that you can look at and share with your friends. Take a close look and coglietene every nuance of style and meaning. Hardly will you find that for you (on the other hand, the tattoo may not be a choice of ultra-staff!) but probably you will have the ideas a little more clear on what might be most appropriate for your stylistic needs. Let us therefore take a look and remember to let us know what you think and which is your favorite model to your look!

Prima1 of 40Dopo

40 new models of tattoos with lettering!