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The cuts shorter hair and jaunty, with the strands of hair that rise up in a decisive manner to the top, eventually to comb into style and boyish, are one of the choices more cool for all the women – young and not so young – who aspire to make their hair even more messy and attractive. But in that way you can get the best from this kind of hairstyle? What are the precautions that you should follow if you truly want to have excellent results from the hair “short & spiky”? Let’s try to learn a little bit more, and see together a series of photographs of women who have achieved the maximum of charm from this group of alternatives!

Not for all…

Unfortunately, even from this brief introduction, it is necessary to remember how the hair cuts so short and jaunty are not right for all. Of is, in fact, a choice a little brave, which will enhance further the lines of your face , and that, for this, is likely to generate some “own goal” in the event that your lines are just perfect. Therefore, you are looking to pay great attention to the margins of customization of your look. To obtain optimum results, it is not difficult, but you should be proficient enough by rely to a great hair salon and look at him with your face in a new light!

An explosion of femininity!

Once you understand that the haircuts boyish can do in your case, all you need do is give in with your femininity and your sex appeal! Contrary to what you may say a few (or a few), the cuts to the tomboy can enhance your sensuality like no other haircut can do. Therefore, try to understand how to achieve the best results in terms of charm, and always try to customize to have to the style boyish, without neglecting the color on lengths is particularly restricted, you can always play with the contrasts of tone!

40 models with a great personality!

As promised, we conclude our exploration by providing a beautiful collection of 40 different models of girls and women below the age that are, can find a greater sexuality just by short haircuts and close-cropped, spiky and boyish. To understand if these hair styles are really in your case, you may not to watch them carefully and imagine yourself grappling with such hairstyle. Then, if you want to make a next step… you can’t do it in the direction of the hair!

Prima1 of 45Dopo

40 short haircuts and fun for women of personality!