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The short haircuts were a must for this 2016 and, according to what is emerging from the catwalks of fashion in the world, should continue to represent an indelible point of reference for the next year. But what are the top trends that you should see and evaluate if you want to have a hair style that does not betray certainly your expectations? On which styles you should bet if you do not want to miss the chance to look more cool and with more appeal?

Not only very short

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the 2017 will reward not only the choices of the most extreme – the cuts hair short – but also all those forms of short hair, that wink to the cuts in average. This is a trend that could expand to a considerable extent, the number of women who would benefit from a reduction in head of hair, and therefore may allow more people to take advantage of the top trends in the field of short hairstyle. Therefore, if you always keep away from short haircuts because you fear to leave your hair long, today there are comfortable alternatives less radical, but still fashionable!

The contrasts agree!

Another big trend that we had enjoyable way to experience is linked to the contrasts of lengths and color. It is certainly the case that in the course of the last few months, more and more women to have wagered on the pixie undercut, short haircuts or medium shortthat can combine this feature with the possibility of scraping a part of the head. A nice contrast that can be more appreciated with some color difference, which will enhance even more convincing your new style!

Style messy

Another trend which has been pleasant that we have had the opportunity to attest in the last few months, and we are confident that will their own even in the course of 2017, the effect is messy, slightly disheveled. Ideal on short hair and wavy, pleasant, even on those smooth, is simply ricreabile making it a bit saucy your hair. Mind you only good not to overdo it with the style, disheveled, and help you possibly with some product to the fixing, which does not weight the hair and not the grease, awarding instead a style natural and spontaneous.

40 models ready for you!

Here we come to the final part of our today’s deepening. In it you will find certainly a nice collection of templates ready for use, able to satisfy your thirst of curiosity and creativity in the context of cuts in short hair or medium short. So try to browse through the gallery carefully and ritagliandovi a few minutes of your time, and pause on the models that you think could do most to your case. Show then to your hair salon and studied with him what can be done to to beautify and personalize more your style. And remember: let us know what you think and how it ended up!

Prima1 of 21Dopo

40 short haircuts fashion for the next month!