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If you are passionate about and our daily insights, you should know well that the short hair are one of the favorite styles of our editorial staff: besides, it is look extremely versatile, ready to accompany any woman in the stage of redesign and, especially, ultra-customizable. From the short hair in middle short, from the pixie to the bob, all the women who want to experience a short hairstyle will certainly do so with particular conviction and satisfaction, without having to sweat, then only so much to be able to find his new and personal style.

The bob is the starting point…

In making a good path that will lead you to the discovery of the new short hair cut for your expectations of style in fashion hair 2017, always remember that an essential starting point is represented by bob: the short bob is, in fact, the hair style is more versatile and flexible, and can be considered not only as the landing point of the stylistic of many of our readers, as also the point of departure for all those women who, based on a cut the more neutral as the bob, would like to experience some more customization of incisive, as the undercut & co.

…but do not forget to look at your face

In reality, readers are more attentive may well remember that the real starting point can not be represented by the need to carefully observe your face. The consideration that every hairstyle requires careful customization, it is indeed good to remember that you will need to locate a look that can reward considerably the best of your visual features and, at the same time, can help you to mask some difettuccio aesthetic that perhaps you want to hide with a bit of attention. In short, games from the bob, but, more importantly, by the careful examination and critical of your face, looking for those details to enhance, and those details to be managed with a good hairstyle.

43 photos to watch and share!

We conclude our focus with the usual habit that is proven to appreciate: a nice gallery that you will be able to clarify and expand the ideas on the best models of short hair that will make you even more adorable! A gallery that you should watch with particular attention, extrapolating the best styles that you think could enhance your beauty, and, above all, trying to customize each photo on you. Discuss it later with your hairdresser of confidence by showing him the photo that you selected as most attractive, and valued in that way make them more versatile, and bend them to your specific needs makeover!

Prima1 of 43Dopo

43 photos of short hair that will make you even more beautiful!