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Have you ever wondered which are the best choices for a nice tattoo on the neck? Probably, if you are getting in the way convinced, to body art, the answer could be positive. However, to provide a response to this question may be a real problem, considering that there are thousands of ideas which can inspire you for a beautiful tattoo in this particular area of your body. For example: you want to use the neck or side of neck? You want to tatuarvi behind the ear or under the chin?

A choice of great sensuality

In contrast to the old-school tattoos on the neck, which were particularly distinctive, but nowadays the tattoos on this area of the body are increasingly popular and, above all, oriented to provide an image of great sensuality and appeal. The neck is also one of the most attractive of women, and to focus attention on this area means to be able to reward their choice of the most sensual and romantic. Therefore, if you want to increase your sex appeal, and to do so with a nice tattoo romantic and feminine, the choice of the neck might actually be the most appropriate, and it is worth evaluating it with specificity if you want to get extraordinary results!

Tattoos small and significant

The neckline also lends itself to being tattooed with images that are very small and feminine. Therefore, it will not be necessary – in order to get the results you want – make drawings large and rather complex, how much to bet with greater determination and conviction about tattoos designs small, like the swallows, the little flowers, a coloured ribbon, a star, or direct their preferences on writing. The name of the person you love or… your name, are definitely the two brands distinctive stra-used by the women, young or less young, who want to better appreciate this area of your body.

Then, if you have long hair, you can play with a dash of mystery, leaving covered the tattoo when you are up to it, and gathering the crown – and to show off your work of art – when you prefer.

45 photos for your inspirations!

As is our custom, we will close our exploration with a nice collection of 45 different models of tattoos to make on the neck. We recommend that you look carefully at the gallery that we have identified, and shared with you, and try to understand if there may be photos that will inspire your creativity. If so, all you need do is to focus further to be able to customize your idea of a tattoo, and talk about it with a good tattooist that can guide you in the creation of the draft the most effective!

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45 beautiful and sensual tattoos on the neck