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Love cuts medium hair long? Us, and that is a lot! On the other hand, the choice of a hairstyle for medium to long won’t disappoint any of your expectations, considering that it is a choice that could well lend itself to the style of many of our readers, thanks to its versatility and the flexibility that you can gain through this kind of hairstyle. Tufts, fringes, layers, threads , and many other details will be able to distinguish in a unique way and to enjoy your hairlook. And if you’re not fully convinced, all you need do is observe our today’s in-depth study and gallery margin!


Among the main trends of the moment in the matter of hair cuts for medium to long there is certainly appeal to the style “moved”. The why is soon discoverable by browsing some of the photos found in the gallery below: the hair is medium-long and wavy will give you a movement and a dynamism which is of great attractiveness, and will enrich your look the right touch of mischievous and seductive. In short, a true laissez-passer of style that will not disappoint the expectations of even the most demanding women, and more attentive to the fashion of the moment!


An accessory that you absolutely have to evaluate in the preparation of your next winter look 2017 on the theme of hair cuts for medium to long is represented by the fringe. In the course of the next year is expected to gain new ground the longer fringe that grazes the eyebrows: an accessory of great fashion, which will appreciate your look in a unique and unmistakable. Keep in mind the necessity of having to adjust frequently this element, in order to avoid that its length exceeds the line of the eyebrows, ruining the games of geometries.

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Even the most trendy of the fringe, in the next season the winter of 2017 will be the great of fashion the clump a more long, eventually lead gathered and closed around the ear. It is a choice that can certainly make it more casual and more youthful, your style, and that will also be able to customize it in different ways, to show time after time. You might therefore choose to close the tuft behind the ear or, if you prefer, let it loose, in such a way that it falls down the face, covering a part of the eyes and giving you a touch of mystery add-on.

37 photos to look at!

We leave you finally with a beautiful gallery of 37 different photos we recommend you to look at and share with your friends. Try to give a look at the collection below we have chosen to locate you and submit to you, and try to figure out if the inside may be really analyzed in a few model that will meet your expectations. If so, try to talk about it with a good and trusted hairdresser, who can advise you on what is actually appropriate for you, and get advice from him about how to customize the hairstyle.

And what do you think? In the gallery today that we have had the opportunity to introduce you have found any item that may be of your liking? Let us know what you think using the comments!

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45 hair cuts medium-length-trendy for 2017!