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Of shades blond hair, there are so many, and each can be good with some skin tones than with others, or may also be better to emphasize the character and personality of a woman better than another: the important thing is to choose the tone of the shades of blonde hair the better you can adapt.

For those who do not like disarray net, and also according to some hair stylist, the choice of color should be contained in the two tones above or below with respect to their natural color.

But this that we could define as a general rule, a bit academic, as all the rules, sooner or later, you should try breaking them. The overcoming of the rules using the creativity and the desire to experiment and get in the game. Here then is the good sense to determine the choice of the color, the tone of blonde ,counterparty, our desire to excess.

It will then be the hairdresser of trust, the colorist, the hair-stylist to whom we entrust ourselves, to convince ourselves in this or that solution, this or that tone. We cannot say, therefore, that the blond of the dominant next season will be the platinum rather than the ash blonde. We can simply say that the blond, in its endless combinations of tone, it will definitely be the dominant color that young girls and mature women will want to aspire to for the colour of their hair.

Let us not forget that only 2% of the women are naturally blonde, in front of a hair coloring, the most commonly used. And we can be certain even for the next season, while not identifying a blond trend, we’ll definitely have the blond, in its many forms, to be master of the situation.

There remains the problem of the care of the blond hair and the maintenance of its characteristics of gloss. In this sense, may come to meet our barber, who, in the face of the technical knowledge and the chemical product used for dyeing, surely will be able to prepare a shampoo ad hoc, to preserve in a reasonable time, color saturation, and gloss.

And then forward all the way to the blond, total or partial, that is!

The photo galleries that we have chosen to present to you today, in fact, presents us with a well 20 recent shots that outline many short haircuts and blond hair particularly fashionable, which may represent good starting points for your reasoning style. Real points of reference for your revisions of style, and your propensity to show off a new look and a particularly eye-catching!

Of course, as always, we have no way to stress how much we talk about changes of look, the starting point for a lovely review of your style can be represented by a purely internal: try to “hear” your the look that you are going to see in this or any other photo gallery from the very first glance. Also try to understand whether it can be or not the case to wear it adequately in the course of the next few weeks, and if that style is actually able to enhance your strengths and hide any weakness.

In doing so, we remember the need to be as “objective” as possible. It is indeed essential to try to be very strict with themselves when it comes to identifying the points of advantage which this or the other denominations are able to guarantee. On the basis of this preliminary assessment, it will be much easier to try to find the right style: it is considered that the possibilities are virtually endless, it will be sufficient to lengthen or shorten some lengths, or to vary it a bit of volume on the sides or on the top, to be able to revolutionize just your stylistic approach without the particular disarray from the hair salon.

Prima1 of 45Dopo

45 shades of blonde for those who do not like upheavals of the net!