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In the desperate search for a beautiful bob that can revitalize your appearance in a view to a long autumn? Don’t worry: our experts have identified for you well 50 alternatives that will certainly brighten your hopes to locate your new hairstyle suitable to close the year, and start with the best wishes the next.

The bob is also a cut that so many women have had the opportunity to experience nicely, and that could, therefore, be one of the options preferred in your case: the style became established widely in 2016, the bob has all the papers in rule in order to renew in 2017.

The reasons underlying this preference are in fact very well known, and most times, we focused on them in the course of the last few months: the bob is a perfect cut for all those women who want to be able to ensure a look that is simple, understated, stylistically flawless, good for any season, any color and any situation. Of course, the above should not imply that the bob is a cut “flat” and monotonous. Far from it: the bob is a cut that can meet a thousand opportunities of style and charm, and which can be customized in an extraordinarily effective way.

From the bob to be shorter, the long bob, not that you will be spoilt for choice: browse greedily our photo gallery, and marked what are the cuts most suitable for you. Then, stop by for a few minutes in identifying those that may be, the cuts go deeper with your hairdresser, with which you will have to make an effort of renewed imagination, trying to understand if, indeed, that particular look may or may not apply to you.

Further, we recommend that you always keep in mind the rule of opposites, useful guide to be able to reach the goal of a perfect interpretation of the look. Therefore, if you have a face rather broad, opt for a bob long that can exhausted face. Instead, if you have a face that is very long, better to play on the volumes side, pointing perhaps to some element of panache, as a handful large that it can expand to the height of the eyes.

Bob asymmetric curly hair

The Bob cut lends itself to many interpretations that can adapt to the different structures of the hair of women, from smooth to curly to wavy.

In time, the Bob cut has also acquired different styles, to suit each type of hair and are very fashionable at the lob and the wob. The lob is a bob with your hair a little more lunghetti (long + bob), while the wob is a bob with the wavy hair (wave + bob).

But the bob is also well suited to those who have curly hair. If you have curly hair, then it is well known that you have to put a lot of attention in you to make a cut shorter than usual because when they are cut very short curly hair tend to become more ungovernable.

A cut of hair style asymmetrical Bob is perfectly the solution to this problem: it gives a greater garbo to the hair curly or frizzy without having to mortify, leaving it naturally wavy. The hair cut Asymmetrical Bob with curly hair is one of hairstyles most popular among women today and is also adopted by many international stars.

The easiest and most successful to go to a Bob cut having curly hair is to create an asymmetry in the Bob cut. In reality it represents a huge change but it will give you courage knowing they have a new look, without having to change the length of your hair or the style of your haircut, while keeping the length at the chin and without scaling.

Having said that, we leave you with this amazing photo gallery: the inside of these shots you will certainly find that for you. Dwell on it, try to understand which are the points of merit and defect, and further understand if I can actually be able to reflect what you want to communicate to the outside world. And, finally, cut it!

Prima1 of 51Dopo

50 bob revive your look: A photo gallery to share!