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If you are looking for a new idea of a tattoo very chic, that women, young or less young people will be able to adopt with the same satisfaction in the course of the next few years, you are absolutely in the right place. In the last few days we have had the pleasure to find 50 different styles of tattoo is very elegant and classy, that today we are equally pleased to share with you, along with a few little reflection and some points of evaluation that we hope will enrich your scope of choice for the next tattoo. Are you ready for this new journey? Let us find out what are the trends in the municipality of tattoos chic, and how to locate that for you!

Chic = small?

Let’s start from a first point in common of most of the tattoos chic that we propose in the gallery below: the vast majority of them are small or very small, almost to confirm the concept that if you follow us for a long time, should already be very clear! – that often are the tattoos of small size to enclose the best style icons and the messages are more profound. In short, if you are looking for a tattoo elegant and usable in measuring very wide, perhaps it is not expedient to focus on the tattoo too large and too complicated, preferring instead the simplicity and reduced size.

Many places where to make it happen

Another element that emerges from the gallery below is that there is a favorite place where you can create your new tattoo chic. Some women, you will know all too well from the pictures that follow, they prefer it in places quite visible, like the fingers of the hand, the ear or the wrist. Others, instead, prefer places that for the most part of the year are concealed, such as for example the hip or the ankle. There is a better choice of the other: think of yourself, your preferences and, at the limit, any work problems you might have in the show off a tattoo – provided it is small – in places that are too flashy.

50 models from which to take inspiration

As always, we close out our today’s discussion with a nice gallery that contains 50 different styles of tattoos, and super chic, we suggest you take into account to be able to plan your next work of body art. Browse with calm and attention the series of photographic shots that we propose, and evaluated with the same calm if someone can actually express thoughts and emotions that belong to it. What do you think? There is some hypothesis that you feel to ride?

Prima1 of 50Dopo

50 tattoos super chic for the modern women!