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If you have been told that the short hair will not give you the chance to indulge with the choice of a new shade of color, or with the adoption of the best coloring techniques can give you new shades and light strokes, you have taken around! The short hair, as well as medium ones, and long ones, can in fact provide the same opportunities for staining and, in some cases, you may also give a further added value in the choice of a new color. Therefore if you are thinking to cut a bit of hair, may be the right time to support the cutting a new solid. But which one?

Highlighs still the big trend

To be able to choose which shade for your hair, remember always that, as we have already had the opportunity of examining in the course of the last few months, the light strokes will go for more in the coming months. The highlights will allow you to give a new brightness to your hair, and reward her with a better dynamism and the impression of a more effective movement. It will be sufficient to change one or two shades of your color to get the effect really extraordinary, even without to revolutionize your appearance.

Smooth tones: to keep in mind

Fortunately for all those women who do not wish to resort to coloring their hair with highlights, light, shatush, damage free & co., it is useful to remember that in the last few months has returned to great prominence the possibility to obtain full satisfaction from the colours more uniform. Therefore, it will be sufficient to opt for a nice shade for winter, full trend, to ensure the best satisfaction in respect to the new colouring of its foliage: talk it over carefully with your hairdresser, and we are confident that you will be able to ensure a tone and super cool in a short time!

Also, if you want to explore a bit of the best hair styles and the best colors for short hair related to the next winter 2017, there is nothing better to give a look to our photogallery, where you will certainly find a good option of style. Browse so with attention the photos below, we have chosen to prepare for you and try to understand what might be the best options for you to enhance your face. Stay with it a little bit on each of the hypotheses, and then discuss it with your hairdresser, in order to locate hairstyle more convincing!

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55 different ways of coloring your hair short!