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If you are undecided if you give us a cut and show off the look particularly short, and let their hair grow long on the back, the answer is simple: position the crown at the height of the shoulders, for a look that will betray certainly your expectations, and will allow you to show off a style enviable, valid for all occasions and for all women who seek elegance and just the right freshness.

The hair at shoulder height , represent, moreover, is a choice that year after year is confirmed by a large number of women, able to appreciate the universality of this cut, and the possibility of being able to customize with just a few strokes of the brush and with a few accessories. But what is the secret of this style?

In the first place, of course we cannot forget to remember how this kind of length fits very well to all types of hair, and, between them, even the ones that appear a little more “full-bodied”. This medium length is also suitable for any type of face, as if the strokes are sharp, will contribute to addolcirli, while if the lines are sinuous and linear, help to esaltarli. In short, a real passport to beauty, as on the other hand you will be able to ensure that those people who have some difettuccio aesthetic (such as a chin very pronounced), which through the hair at the height of the shoulders may experience a feeling of great elegance and sinuosity.

Of course, considering that it is not all gold that glitters, you have to also have to deal with some caution. For example, the hair at shoulder height are quite difficult to adjust with precision, considered that they are too short to be able to be collected (the more immediate consequence is that the strands will escape, even if it may not be, in the end, a real defect). To correct this “defect” you can still help you with products, fixatives (lacquer) or accessories (headbands, hairpins, headbands, mollettine and who more has of it more puts of it!).

Established the above, our advice can be to look eagerly and with attention to our photogallery, which will show you how her hair to shoulder length can easily be styled, allowing you therefore to achieve a hairstyle just right for every type of face and occasion.

As evidenced by our new gallery today, this kind of length and dynamism, it is very well suited both to persons who have the face to be particularly long, and that they need to have a face more “off” to regain the proper tune, both women have a face is particularly round, and that through a medium at the shoulders can exhausted their immediate aesthetic impression.

In short, thanks to the characteristics of this haircut medium and wavy, it will be very easy to try to create volume in the areas of greatest interest, and have a better figure in a short time and with a lasting result.

To facilitate your choices, we have now the pleasure to submit to you the many new styles of medium hair and wavy that can certainly enrich the range of choice available to you, and which, therefore, may represent a real development base for the establishment of a new gorgeous look!

Of course, even on this occasion, cannot fail to remember how essential it is to try to meet with your hairdresser of confidence and share with him your intent of style, trusting any doubts to be clarified in order to arrive at a new evolution of your style.

In fact, since there is no cutting of the hair medium and curly may be the case of all women, the best result will be obtained by a variation of a cut on the basis of the characteristics of your face, your complexion, and of all the elements that you want to be able to make more visible (and of course, those elements that you want to “hide”).

Once you find the cut that’s right for you, speak with your hair stylist on – we remind you once again! – is the only professional that can actually solve any doubt of style. And remember: let us know how it went to finish with the review of your look!

Prima1 of 54Dopo

55 new cuts at the height of the shoulders, ideal to show off a new look!