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You like bob scaled? This is a very fashionable for the coming winter 2017 and, probably, the choice that will allow you to show off your best helmet in the course of the next few months. Bob climbed is in fact a more modern evolution of the classic bob, and will certainly be able to make sure all of your points valuable and of greater advantage, without, however, revolutionising too drastically, the look at which maybe you are fond of, and you don’t want to leave it in a definitive way in the year that will be. But why focus just on the bob climbed? And what precautions we advise you to bet?

Bob climbed, lightness and naturalness in a cut!

The first advantage that you will get through choosing a nice bob climbed is represented by the possibility to give your look a higher lightness and a higher sinuosity. Bob climbed is in fact an appropriate choice to be able to thin out the hair too rich and too wide, by removing a bit of volume but, at the same time, creating a lightweight structure , more harmonious, and that will be able to underline each point of advantage of the your face. It is, therefore, a cut suitable for all, both for straight hair and for those motivated, both for fine hair and for the bigger ones.

Fringe or tuft?

The bob climbed will also be combined with two accessories of the “essentials” for winter 2017: the fringe or tuft. In this regard, always remember, as we have already stressed several times in the course of the last few months – that the fringe will tend to be worn long and open, very saucy, as an alternative to the short fringe, mimale and more geometric. The tuft may be potentially brought extra long, from close behind the ear, or by leave, to cover a part of your face, acquiring, therefore, some advantage in terms of mystery and seduction.

35+ models to choose from!

As always, suggest our habits, we close our depth today through a nice photo gallery that will show you more than 35 models of bob scaled and dynamic to choose your next look for the winter 2017. You should therefore look carefully at each photo and try to understand if inside the gallery there may be actually something for your needs restyling. Remember also the need to customize each and every model confront openly with your hairdresser of confidence, thus going to locate every feature from highlight.

Prima1 of 66Dopo

55 photos of bob scaled not to be missed in view of the 2017