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You want to have some unmistakable reference style in order to direct the best use of your hairstyle , in the present autumn, and in the future winter 2016/2017? There is nothing better than to “spy” on what they did the major international stars and try to figure out if the hair styles adopted by them are what we wish to be able to embellish their head of hair and your overall look, or whether it is better to direct their aspirations stylistic elsewhere. We see, therefore, what are the main points of the hair fashion 2016/2017, and more than 60 photos to use for our purposes stylistic contemporaries!

Pixie, but not only

We start recalling that in the autumn of 2016 and the next winter, the pixie will continue to be one hair style that can give great satisfaction but… will have a life very, very difficult! The autumn is in fact in love with not only the pixie, the short and jaunty, and the courts less XXS and more versatile, that can be easily integrated with fringes, medium or very short, and styling, I decided and super feminine.

Short to the garcon

A reference point will be, therefore, a short haircut, a la garcon, enhanced with indefiniteness of the points on the sides and nape of the neck, in order to preserve the utmost in femininity. This hair style can be further enhanced by a fringe, slightly longer and moved to the side, it will create a pleasant asymmetry which can give more emphasis to the eyes. Could not of course be missing even the changes to the styling: in spite of the cut is substantially very short, in fact, there is certainly the possibility of ranging from effects very unkempt to the more linear and simple.

Long pixie

Another alternative for sure is the long pixie, a hairstyle truly ideal for all those women who love the length and want to maintain the practicality of a styling short and super feminine. In fact, it’s a hairstyle “faux” short, with the neck extended can be extremely versatile for any occasion. The length of the maxi-tuft can be easily adjusted to fit any face.

Short bob

Another hairstyle that will go between the age of in the short hair is the short bob, a shorter version of the bob ordinary, to be worn with or without bangs, depending on your tastes. In particular, the vip’s of the world are using it in two different versions: in the first there is a tuft XL side from the comb to the right or to the left, and back of the neck just covered, in the second the lines are more sharp and geometric.

Photo gallery

We close this time with a huge photo gallery that will offer over 60 styles of short hair for vip, which you should watch with special attention. Try to understand if inside of this gallery can be a look to copy profitably, and show it with conviction to your hairdresser, we are confident that with the appropriate changes and the appropriate customizations, you can customize it appropriately to your hairstyle, and make it the best idea for the next year!

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60 hair styles to imitate international stars