«Many are demonized because it is not biodegradable, but this can be said for other substances defined as a natural zinc oxide, the component of the solar, which is heavily polluting the sea and creating problems to the fish, so much so that they are found in traces in the brain«, so begins the cosmetologa Giulia Penazzi, author of «How to make your cosmetics» (Edra), which we have asked for an opinion on silicones, loved and hated by women. «Should be used with caution, clearly, but if we talk in terms of performance in the cosmetics are really chemicals significant«.

Here are the 7 reasons to break a lance in favor of the silicones.

1. «Are the ingredients from so many high-quality cosmetic. In chemistry are classified as synthesis polymers that contain silicon. And the unique characteristics of ductility, and electrical resistance make them indispensable for some uses cosmetics, «says the cosmetologa. Think of the famous effect, the lightness and silkiness, that some products are able to offer immediately to the hair. From someone defined as the effect Swish.

2. «Silicones have an excellent toxicological profile«. With this definition it is understood that a substance was tested for its local toxicity, i.e. the ability to cause skin and eye irritation, skin sensitisation, and in some cases also the absorption of UV radiation to evaluate its toxicity, photo-induced.

3. «The characteristics that give to the products are difficult to imitate. Because they have a nature film-forming resin, to improve shine and combability«. For this are the key ingredients of the line anti-frizz of John Frieda, became iconic thanks to the launch of the first serum Frizz Ease, a must for those who love hair silky, domabili, ordered, easy to unravel. The better the quality of the silicones, the better the performance guarantee. Exactly on the high standard of the ingredients , John Frieda has built its reputation as a hair brand that is efficient and that can give solutions to the problems of women immediately visible.

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4. «They don’t create damage if it is applied on the lengths, because they go to act on dead matter, they are normally used for styling products, or acting on textures«, clarifying from the Perris Group distributor in Italy of the band, John Frieda, using silicones deluxe.

5. «Are not soluble in water, defined hydrophobic can also be a barrier against pollutants and oxidants,» says the cosmetologa.

6. «Give lightness to the cosmetic formulas. There is also a version for the volatile silicones, which do not leave traces on the skin, usually used in make-up and all cosmetics oil free».

7. «They are also used in the colors ipoallergiche. No silicones coat the pigments and prevent the migration, therefore, they make products dyes and also suitable for allergy sufferers».

7 reasons why the silicones in the hair does not hurt