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Who said that tattoos must necessarily be large and clearly visible? Often for their own satisfaction is, ideally, reached with tattoos very small, that no one (or almost) will be able to see. And here, therefore, that there seems to be the case to think of some brilliant idea of “personalization” of your skin, offering you 15 tattoos that – we are sure you would like to have at all costs (or, at the very least, you would roll seriously in the course of the next few minutes!) if you are also lovers of these little customizations!.

Our photo gallery contains on the other hand several points of great interest. Ideas small and (relatively) large that may even belong to your past, and that, therefore, you might consider developing on your skin in the course of the next few minutes. Often the tattoos are in fact made to be able to remark, wishes, or aspects of your life that you want to communicate to others, or you want to be remembered in a particular way.

In other cases, however, tattoos are simply embellishments, or catalysts of attention. And beyond the membership category, the tattoos that we see in this photo gallery are definitely some good ideas for you to think about the possibility to do really one in the next few days!

For example, you can see a discretissimo tattoo on the part of the fingers, which closes the palm. In the shots that we propose, there is a pineapple, but nothing forbids you to enrich the phalanges with what you want! Inevitable is also the tattoo of a heart. Small, made where the heart is actually located in our body, it is certainly a symbol extremely popular.

Black-and-white or color?

The first question that perhaps there are places in the same moment in which you decided to beautify your skin, it was this. Better is a tattoo black-and-white or in color? Also because it is often a decision to make before you even choose the design, as it can modify the latter in order also imperative.

Tattoos black and white surely they offer, especially when it comes to small tattoos, a effect is much more restrained, and hidden. Look at the photo of the tiny heart under the shoulder, or the one of the three dots under the nail.
The tattoo colored, however, can give always an air of refined, but still as carefree and open. Look at the map of the world, or, the leaf on the shoulder. The result is really beautiful, modest but very lively and definitely more visual impact.

This tattoo is well hidden under the hand and therefore not visible in most of the occasions. Just simple gestures to make it immediately visible with a big surprise! Among all the small tattoos of this article, is definitely one of the more special! Clearly you can replace the stylized image of the pineapple with any other fruit.

There are some small tattoos much more marked for women than for men and this one, above the little heart is without a doubt one of these! A tattoo romantic, non-invasive and aesthetically pleasing! We are sure that many of you are going to love!
This is a small tattoo can be done for aesthetic purposes, but also symbolic. Three dots, that can be turned to four, for example.

Can represent, for example the nuclear family and, perhaps, may be added to the dots as they are born your children!

The tattoo perfect for you if you love small tattoos but don’t want to miss the opportunity to show everyone your great love for travel and adventure! Instead of the classic globe, here is the map extended to all continents, directly on your wrist!

For the romantic woman who wants to customize his look with small but beautiful jewelry, tattooed on the skin! Two simple lines in total black that increase your appeal without expecting anything in return from your part!

The tattoo designed for you who love small tattoos but not too much, that you want to be well visible but always with a touch of elegance, and adapt to any situation!

A tattoo, according to us, not to be taken lightly. This indian symbol is the OM, a sanskrit word that is placed at the beginning of many readings of indian religious. It is pronounced at the beginning or at the end to See why sacred syllable. As a mantra for the philosophical reflections during the practice of meditation. Tatuatelo not for fashion, but for a deep love and respect for this beautiful culture!
One of the small tattoos beauty that represent the freedom, the freshness, and from the aesthetic point of view, clearly a refined style!

From a tattoo with the lotus flower in the strategic points of the body, as for example the ankle or the wrist. Small but full of meaning, can be the tattoo that is right for you if you want to change your style without stravolgerlo! The small symbols to choose from according to their taste and the meaning that we ascribe to him! For all adventurers, who love to travel and to imprint on their skin the their passion!

One of the small tattoos, the most romantic we are! Perfect for all women who want something simple but very very cute, a little symbol so that maybe you can also remember something!

You like to travel by sea, or simply the idea of freedom that gives you the boat? Well, then this simple tattoo is really for you! Similarly to the first tattoo, we again see a small symbol in the back of the fingers. A cup of coffee very nice and sweet!

We conclude with an anchor, symbol of solidity and stability. Maybe it can be a tattoo shared between two people, even friends!

And what about the cute three dots near the nail? Or of the beautiful planetary map on the wrist? Or still the fake bracelet tattooed, and that you will avoid having to search each morning right accessory for your wrist?

In short, the opportunities are many, and we are sure this photo gallery we have provided you with the right ideas to start a process of evaluation in order to embellish your appearance and make it more custom. And what do you think? Do you love tattoos? You have done in the course of your life? What you have tattooed and for what reasons? And you have never repented of these “marks” (almost) indelible on your skin? Tell us what you think. As always, the comments is at your disposal to talk and discuss!

New and small tattoos for your body!

We know that many of our readers are always searching for useful and nice ideas to make a beautiful tattoo of a small size on their skin. And we all know that the our latest photo gallery with hundreds of different hypothesis of style for the body art have found your full satisfaction. Therefore, we continue even today on this interesting line of analysis by showing a brand new photo gallery with more than 45 different photos not to be missed if you want to have some starting point in the planning of your next tattoo of small size!

It is the right time?

This one is certainly the right time to be able to make a nice tattoo. And the reasons are very simple: the autumn and the winter will allow you to better manage the early stages post-implementation, avoiding hitting all those unpleasant contexts that the summer season brings: warm, sweat, exposure to the sun’s rays , and many other potentially harmful items, which might disturb the goodness of your creation. Therefore, if you have postponed for so long the decision to get a tattoo and finally, you are convinced this is the right time to do so.

Where tattoo?

The tattoos of small size can be carried out virtually anywhere. Among the places most frequented by our readers, we are the wrist, the neck, the hip, the fingers and the ankles. Nothing, however, forbids you to imagine a beautiful tattoo of a small size practically everywhere: even inside the gallery today that we have selected for you are there any examples that are very creative, such as the possibility of tattooing on the ear, and not only. In short, give vent to your creativity, keeping in mind that the tattoo must be shown but not ostentatious. So try a good balance, also considering the possible implications with the world of work (not all companies like the presence of visible tattoos).

What tattoo?

Then comes the most difficult moment: the choice of the tattoo to be realized on your own skin. As we have had the opportunity to summarize and remember in the course of our last update on the subject, the possibility that you really are many. For example, you can choose to tattoo an animal, a thought, a name, initials, and more. In addition to taking the right cue from this and from the other photo galleries which in the course of the months we have shared with you, try to look within yourselves, to search for an emotion or a feeling particularly strong that you will always want to bring with you.

Tattoos the particular small female, with ideas to copy!

The summer is behind us, the winter is in front of you. Which, in other words, it is a good news for all lovers of tattoos! The autumn is the ideal season to create a nice tattoo feminine, following perhaps the contemporary fashion, which tends to favour the possibility of getting a beautiful tattoo of a small size, in areas that are discrete or visible, that can call to (your) mind to a particular emotion. The marks of a great personality, that we try today to show you thanks to the unfailing support of a fantastic photo gallery with 35 ideas that you can copy or at least use as a starting point for a good planning tattoo!

Small tattoos: the best designs

Considering that the current trend is to focus on the small tattoos, try to think of an image that is not too elaborate: in fact the risk is that, in this case, you can generate an image that is too confusing and unclear of what you want to communicate. Therefore better to introduce the tattoo artist with very clear ideas and with a draft not too complex. The tattoos small are in fact tattoos tend to be simple! Among the most feminine, there are designs more traditional: the heart, the stars, the moon, the symbol of infinity, swallows, anchors, bows, diamonds, flowers.

Small tattoos: phrases

Alternatively, the impression of a picture, you can get great satisfaction recreating on your skin, a phrase or a word to which you are particularly fond of. For example, you can opt for the version that is the most minimalist, that aims to recreate a simple initial on your fingers, or point to a fully qualified name (that of a partner or a parent, or a child) or even a date, a word to which you are connected, a poem, a song, and so much more. Be brief and concise: it is not the length of the words that you measure the emotions!

Small tattoos: one color or multiple colors?

One of the main questions that normally beset the minds of the people that are approaching (maybe, for the first time) to the world of tattoos, be they large or small, is the ability to be able to achieve using only a single color, or multiple colors. Of course, there is no one answer that can meet all the needs, depending on the choice above all your personal tastes. Keep in mind that since the tattoo is small in size, the alternation and the contrast of colours could not be awarded, going, therefore, to give priority to, in many cases, the use of a single color.

The fact that the tattoo should be the subject of careful personalization will not always take, however, the pleasure of taking some pleasant inspiration from the gallery today that we have identified and wanted to share with you. So try to understand if inside this collection of photos is really something useful for your case, and try to talk about it with a good tattooist, in order to share a single detail with him. And don’t forget: let us know how it went to finish, what you have tattooed, and in that area of the body!

Prima1 of 99Dopo

99 tattoos small that you would like to have at all costs!