Summer and hair color or, better yet, the sun and the color of the hair. A combination not always perfect, because it is in this period of the year that the colored foliage is put more to the test. The reason is simple: the UV rays dehydrate the hair, the deplete of melanin, keratin and cement the intercellular. The hair is not healthy, in fact, has a ph moderately acid during the exposure tends to increase, leaving it so dry and dull. And if colored, tends to lose more easily the “state of grace”, which today no longer means just being at peace with oneself and with the world, but also enjoy as long as the hair color you just made.

To teorizzarlo was the brand Kérastase brand, which has established to consist of three days of that perfect time in which a woman feels satisfied with the new color, already on the fourth day, begins to fade and change. And it is upon this theory that he based the reconstruction of the classic line Reflection, which is dedicated to colored hair, to provide an experience of colour treatment even more custom. Because women are looking for products that will actually revive and remain intact when the state of grace begins to wane, and for them the Kérastase brand, has introduced into the range a new product, Les Touches Chromatiques, the processing of correction of the color that steals the make up secrets of the brightness and the customization of the colour. A kind of CC cream for hair, which shades of high-pigmentation corrects, re-balance and illuminate complexions, uneven. If we can correct and enhance the complexion, why not do it with the colored hair, it is asked Kérastase? Here, then, the color customization, to include the correction of the same color.

Les Touches Chromatiques line Reflection Kérastase

All based on the classic color wheel and use shades that are complementary to balance and correct each other. Cool Blond neutralizes yellow reflections of the bases blondes, Cool Brown to the red brown, Copper , brightens the highlights and Red instead of red ones. «Today, with the new Touches Chromatiques finally we have a treatment concealer in the color, which also has a double meaning: according to the requirements of staining and the base of the hair, it can also be used as the neutralizing of the irregularity (as for example the effect of «yellow» that the blond tends to take on after a few days) or as a brightening of the flare, especially the red highlights. In this way, our customers can maintain the shade that we have chosen for them, brilliant and stable until the next visit in the salon,» explains Sergio Carlucci, co-founder, managing director and group creative director of Toni & Guy Italy.

Les Touhces Chromatiques you can also use at home after a few days that you have logged in to the color, when you note that the reflection begins to lose its liveliness. «Touche Chromatique is a product that is easy and fun to use, already much-loved by our younger customers who love to play with color,» explains Carlucci.

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Colored hair and the sun: invisible enemies