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Live green. Observe the world from a special lens and realize that a daily green or at least eco-sustainable is possible. If to many this will appear trivial and almost obvious, for it is not so. Distraction is easy, therefore, to wear clothing products from who knows where, with who knows what materials and under what conditions it is easier to rely on companies that have made sustainability their mantra. Go on holiday in certain places rather than others, to eat in a certain way, maybe not to get to get to the house the toothpaste, the shampoo or face cream, but move in the direction of a brand that is more attentive to the environment and to the choice of the active ingredients, cruelty free and organic or almost… well, we assure you, they are undertaking affordable.

One of the latest trends games from America in this 2017 is the so-called Flexitarian, anattitude effortlessly, which bans the taxation and the self-impositions, and invites us to be less manichean and more flexible, to themselves and to the world. A way to embrace life-styles without the barriers, but with the greatest freedom, for example starting from the dietary fads: why become a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodists tout court? You can do it for a certain period of time, for a few days a week or for a certain number of hours per day, mixing the “genres”. This would induce even the “less attentive and hard” to change their attitude and view of the world, going to different fields, such as fashion, beauty, leisure.

Eco-fashion: a changing world with surprises, surprises of any kind. Did you know that many young designers are involved in the planning of yarn derived from organic materials, even waste? The casein, for example: yes, that’s right, clothes made with milk! The idea came to two girlfriends at a dairy in milan, and from there was born “Made with milk”, so clothes and accessories with a textile fibre obtained from derivatives of the waste of dairy products, with a greater capacity to absorb moisture compared to synthetic fibers. But not only milk, and the oranges can become the basis for clothes and fashion accessories. A start-up sicilian, in fact, has developed a system for obtaining yarn from the waste of citrus fruit and is thus born the brand Orange Fiber. A lot of creativity, therefore, and Italian pride.

Travel green? You can, just choose the hotel and resort built with certain criteria, and attentive to the environment and waste. According to a study by Tripadvisor, the region of Trentino Alto Adige is the Italian region best equipped in this regard, the most rich eco-hotel, or those structures that, starting from the place in which they are built, they must demonstrate they contribute to keep intact the surrounding environment, provide paths for recreation that promote the family and to give priority to one type of cuisine, the so-called kilometer zero. In addition, they should use renewable energy sources, cleansing products, natural as well as the linen. An example of holiday green that is appealing a lot, especially the young, enjoy your stay, but especially at night, on the branches of a tree! This is, of course, of the houses, most of the times, well equipped and with high standards, but the idea is to stay in contact with nature and the result is guaranteed.

If you want to create a home environment eco-friendly, it’s easy! You can buy furniture made from garbage (that’s right) or with mushrooms , or build walls of the house, if not the whole home, with eco-bricks made using bacteria. In practice, sand is added to a specific solution, and the micro-organisms needed, feeding, envelop the crystals of sand, turning them into calcium carbonate. In short, we speak of bio-building and eco-design that the use of waste materials, produces solutions that are able, in their turn, to absorb pollutants and purify the air in your home. And furniture self-cleaning, which is not bad!

Aura Botany, the new line of haircare Kérastase

In the field of beauty? The companies are orienting the search towards solutions that not only contain natural ingredients as possible, but also in the production chain comply with certain regulations that protect the environment and local populations struggling with the production of certain goods. A consciousness of green, which has also pushed the brand very popular as the Kérastase brand to produce a line of treatment haircare, natural, Aura, Botany, designed for those women who they consider responsible engagement to be a duty, the performance of the product right and the hair is extraordinary, and bright, the essence of their personality. And with hair often opaque and slightly sensitized by daily life, from the city, from pollution. Today, in fact, more and more women are attentive to what they use for their hair, where do they come from the ingredients present in the product and if their use is consistent with their vision of life. And Kérastase has offered them treatment haircare natural, reconciling the effectiveness of the performance, scientifically proven, products on the basis of income from production in solidarity, such as coconut oil and argan oil, antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients, and formulas with an average of 98% of ingredients are of natural origin and with a high percentage of biodegradability, of course, free of silicones. A full sensory experience, texture wrapping, a unique fragrance and, finally, a pack with a refined design. An experience that starts from the Rituel highly personalized in salon and ends with moments of pure pleasure with the beauty routine at home.

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