The products that are base oils in high concentration stimulate the mind of a beauty junkie that is in us. It will be because they are sensory, smell, wrap the hair as a cuddle, and then are of natural origin and therefore can certainly not do harm to our hair. If you are not yet able to familiarize yourself with the formulations in the oil, apply on the face, because anches and are dry, you have a fear of encounter with the face is greasy, hair can not do without it.

ADAPTS TO ALL TYPES OF HAIR: there is an oil for every hair, you just have to know which one. Argan oil is a popular choice for all types, theoil of apricot care the hair more dry and dehydrated skin, avocado oil and jojoba oil are ideal if you have them, ultra-fine, use the ginger oil for hair from normal to fine, the rapeseed oil and safflower oil if you have thick hair.

GOES along WITH THE TECHNOLOGY: the natural oil is combined perfectly with the technology of the formulas, giving results in even more performarmanti depending on your specific needs. The ancient rituals used by the Queens of Ancient Egypt blend with the current science.

It is MULTIPURPOSE: it can be spray on body and hair. If you want the shimmer, choose the one with the golden glow incorporated.

THREE PRODUCTS IN ONE: the formulation of oil, such as that of Mythic Oil Creme Universelle, works as a pre-shampoo, conditioner detangling rinse-off and cream pre-styling drying with a hair dryer.

COMES FROM the FAIR TRADE: do good to yourself but also to others. The argan oil, the key ingredients of the line, Mythic Oil by L’oréal Professionnel, is extracted from the Argan tree in Morocco and is worked by the women of the place.

WITH ARGAN OIL DO THE LOAD OF GOOD FAT: contains unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, which are powerful antioxidants that about the hair, give nourishment and shine, repairing the hair fiber.

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Hair, that’s why the oil is better