Give us a cut! The best way to give a twist they say, is to begin from the hair. Tagliarseli means having a new look and what better time of the year again to start in beauty? Maybe by copying the look of some of the stars that on the contrary, during the year, have decided to change your hair look, going from long cut to a shorter one, sometimes cutting to the net, sometimes little, other adjusting, and more stretching. Between them, Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Huntington Whiteley, who made the move from long to long bob and then back again to the long, that for JLo becomes very long, XXL and extra-straight.

To look at the stars all together, immediately jumps to the eye that the cut out that you all at least once have experienced is the bob, especially in the long, and wavy. The one that has attracted the most buzz on the net was the bob long Victoria Beckham, who, after years of long advocated by the extension decided to give us a cut and capture the moment on instagram, of course!

Then there is the actress Michelle Williams, whose pixie cut a few years ago, platinum color, has become the iconic, which after being passed to a bob with a slight fringe, she returned to the beloved short cut. On the contrary, Miley Cyrus has, instead, left to grow, even if only slightly, the foliage. Long bob, we said, ‘ beloved, also by Cara Delevingne, who has recently sported, and in a beautiful color, ash blonde fading. The fringe, however, there has been little adopted, have done it recently Jessica Biel and Amber Le Bon.

IT Look L’oréal Professionnel

We have convinced? If not yet, then you can’t not take inspiration from the en-the proposed look from L’oréal Professionnel, which have by now become a fixed appointment and who dictate the trends of the season. This year, proposed as the waves in the style of the angels of Victoria’s, in order to glunge, fringe decomposed. You just need to choose and try the look for you…


Hair: the star who gave us a cut, in 2016