Say no to coloring systematics of hair? Deciding to indulge once and for all re-growth of gray and white hair? A choice of feminine courage that has recently generated many discussions. Yet the phenomenon of “risk” now established itself as one of the new trends of the year. Models with white hair appeared on several fashion runways PE 2017, from Proenza Schouler to Alexander Wang, Tibi at Eckhaus Latta, while on the Instagram feed on the hashtag #whitehairdontcare and #grayhairdontcare. Not only on YouTube, dozens of beauty setter publish accurate tutorial on how to have a crown “granny white” that neutralizes the nightmare of regrowth.

If then on your head have already made their appearance of the first white hair, or if it still has not happened, but the idea to focus on a solid white ice or white moon attracts you equally, know that there are style details that are worth adopting to ensure a look that is always fresh, dynamic, and perfectly up-to-date. Discover them here.

Agree, the idea is to support the growth of new hair. The more fortunate may find themselves with no efforts with a punkeggiante effect, two-tone, commonly called the “ombré” (something for which there is someone who is willing to spend a little in order to get it artificially!).
In general, you should always fine-tune the results with small steps that can make the most of the natural effect. Crucial will be to avoid the yellowing effect or frizz, by using products anti-yellow conditioning.
Among these, stands out the Professional Shampoo Silver, formulated for the cleansing of hair white and grey from the laboratories of L’oréal Professionnel, which makes use of the Gloss Protect System, a complex enriched with amino acids, which allows you to get the hair soft, elastic and bright. Not only that, the shampoo Silver also has the advantage of emphasizing the natural color by neutralizing yellow tones due to the presence of micro-pigments violet.

Short-style boyish, bob, long bob, long straight or curly: any cut can be well suited for gray hairs, but only on one condition: it must be taken care of! As well as the hairstyles from braided to be well defined and tied in bun at the bun: the top to highlight the strands of silver on the temples and the hairline of the neck, or low to cover these nuances of the two areas, with other strands of hair.

A must especially if you opt for a head of hair white? The care of the eyebrows. To bring, with the utmost nonchalance, darker, well-defined, in a version that is distinctly “contrast”.

When you choose a white hair look, makeup becomes an important to keep a style that is always nice and stylish. Away for free to make up more sophisticated for special occasions, those that will, however, have become the new cornerstones of the make-up are the illuminant, the pencil, the mascara and the eye shadow or lipstick, coloured, to turn on the granny look with a twist! The ideal shade that is going well to all of the “ladies in white”? Purple!

The side benefit of this new trend among the young people, ultimately, is that more mature women are now free to discover that might even represent their “natural resource”! Some have even realized to have a better look with white hair! Who would have thought?

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Hair trends 2017: white, yes, but cool!