There is never crossed my mind to do a madness and try a short cut? Or, again, have you ever been tempted by the desire to arm yourself with patience and let your hair grow out? To predict with certainty whether a cut, rather than another, can give your face is not simple. Fortunately, however, by controlling some parameter, and taking a few precautions, there is the possibility of having more indications that are valid on the potential result and to understand which is the right hair length for your face.

The theory of John Frieda
John Frieda
, the famous hairstylist to celebrities, has developed a theory according to which the distance of the projection of the chin from the ear lobe affect on the success or not of a short-cut. The indication is to place a pencil horizontally under her chin and a ruler vertically below the lobe, and then read the measurement at the point where the two tools meet together, and then check that it is not greater than 5.5 cm (2.25 inches). If the number is less, can shorten without making you problems, otherwise, the advice is to keep a head of hair long.

A theory, that of John Frieda, which is based on the prestigious history of a brand he founded in London in 1988), that in addition to have renowned Salons, hair styling in London, New York and Los Angeles, includes among its “customers,” the models, actresses and celeb international of the likes of Madonna and Gisèle, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston. And not only that: to support the John Freida in its continuous pursuit of the highest style, there is the “House of the Expert“, a professional team of hair that analyze and even create new trends of fashion, giving input to the development of innovative products, on the basis of the requirements of the customers. Result: the formulation of cutting-edge solutions for the care, processing and styling, as well as “tailor-made” to meet the needs of every type of hair.

The test wig
You are not convinced? There is a way, not very scientific, but still useful to do an assessment. Try cutting on a wig , look for one that has more or less your color and the length you want (you can, however, help you with scissors). Of course the result will never be identical to the post-salon, but you will have the opportunity to make you a more precise idea.

A question of consistency
In any case, there are other parameters to choose your look, from the texture of the hair. If your are very thin, a cut is too long is not recommended, since the risk of trovarseli flat and without form is high. On the contrary, if they are thick, longer they are, the better the effect obtained when fall on the shoulders.

The importance of physiognomy
As you may already know, even the face shape has its own weight, especially in the case where it is particularly marked. If your face is round, for example, avoid the long cuts up to the chin, like bob, or carré, as it increases the sense of roundness.However, if your face is elongated, you prefer hair long, but pay attention to volume: a hairstyle that is too smooth will not valorizzerebbe. A square jaw, however, does not accord with the fringe, while an oval face is very versatile and can adapt to any kind of a cut. Finally, always remember that, when in doubt, a length up to the shoulders or a little over is considered to be a lifesaver universal, you’ll be sure not go wrong!

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How to find the right length for the hair, according to your own face