It is (still) the super trend of the season. Especially if the pink is laying on the hair is ethereal and bright, by star. The last one made us fall in love with its degradé pink is Zara Larson in the song-hit Symphony of Clean Bandit. Before her, Hailey Baldwin, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Elle Fanning and Kylie Jenner.

If you have not already done so, perhaps for the fear of ruining your hair, here are a few tips that will change your mind. Ask first, colorists, professional, and get advice on the pink-shade that fits your complexion and the schiariture to accomplish to obtain it from fading to a total hair. Obvious is that the more the hair will tend to a blond glacial and the more the pink will candy. Bello also the effect of the magenta hair brown. Universal rule: the hair should be healthy, fiber and cured, and not by the porous aspect, because this type of color does not forgive, and the look may be scruffy and sloppy instead of shiny and magical.

I tell you this because I (with the hair is always healthy), I gave up all the steps that I described above. I started from a hazy purple to get a game fishing, and now my hair is a fading pastel pink, sugary like a marshmellow.The credit goes to the hair stylist Graziella Cassanelli of the salon, The Grant of Milan, and an ally of the infallible: the new Colorful Hair by L’oréal Professionnel, the range consists of seven colour Crystal Clear (a neutral action diluent which also serves to mix the shades between them).

Here the step, all with products from L’oréal Professionnel, thanks to which they were made, my new pink hair.

Schiariture: Platinium Blond Study, the pasta bleach without ammonia able to lighten up to 6 tones, mixed with Smartbond, the service that protects and strengthens the hair during bleaching and dyeing.

High enhancing: To get the pink candy you need to make the blond the coldest possible. In my case it was used the 10.12 of Dialight, a frosty pearl.

Dry: With Vitamino Colourtreatment free of sulfates, which not only cleanses the hair but protects and does not damage the color.

Go pink: On dry hair have been applied, from the roots to mid-length, 30 grams of Colorful Hair, Pink Sorbet, and 10 grams of Colorful Hair – Hypnotic Magenta to get a dusty pink. On the tips, instead, has been applied Colorful Hair, Pink Sorbet, to make them pastel. Application time: 20 minutes.

How long will the color? For 8 weeks, if the hair will not be washed every day and if they will be used products-allies of color.

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