The red is a color that is extremely fascinating, there is no doubt. But red is also the color of fire, you can also scald. The same applies to the following colours: foliage rouge, to be successfully carried out, requires planning. There are so many shades and it is crucial to locate the one most suitable to your skin type.

The tradition wants the color red combined with a white skin; the contrast of this pair of cards is, admittedly, to great effect. In case you have a light complexion, not so, you will have to exert yourself too much: you will be most of the shades. To be on the safe side, let the colors more natural or lit: a crown of red irish (to The Brave) is an option to consider if you have light eyes. Even the Titian Red is particularly suitable: a great classic that can matcharsi well especially with those who start with a basic light brown.

Between the shades brighter, you can opt for copper red (both from basic blonde and brunette) or red ginger (very similar to the red carrot), the unforgettable colour brought by Julia Roberts for a good part of the years ’90 have returned to a time trend.

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The fair skin goes well with the dark red. In particular, it is much appreciated the color auburn, auburn with warm copper highlights. This option is ideal for those who has dark eyebrows, so that they seem to fish out of the water.

And for the darker skin tones? The choice is less varied, but no less valid; the secret is to choose the hues are less brilliant. Are ideal, for example, those colors a bit borderline between the red and purple as the red amaranth and the red burgundy. Their opaque nature blends perfectly with skin olive or even more dark. If you are looking for a more natural effect, the best option is the red mahogany: a shade is intense and elegant, suitable for all ages.

Finally, for the mediterranean, aspire to a red slightly more clear, there are a couple of shades brave enough, but of great success in recent times. We’re talking about magenta and coral red: the two colors of great visual impact, which give vivacity, in particular, to the brown eyes.

Red hair: that’s what is the colour trend of the 2017 that suits you best