Receiving and giving is the new trend, together with sustainability.
He also taught Aretha Franklin with his hit song Respect: respect means above all take care of the next.

But do not think only of itself is a good thing. Here is a vademecum of actions to do, starting from the question: respect is?…

Taking care of yourself. Take care of your skin with the right ritual of skin care, for example. Or even of the body, with a power supply healty and the right physical activity. Or even hair products that treat it gently.

Safeguard the planet. We have this great responsibility, because if we hurt him, we hurt us. Start to think of it as your goal.

Say no to harmful substances. In favour of sustainable products, that make us more beautiful, more than that good.

Uniqueness. Intended as a celebration of themselves.

Biodegradable. Yes to organic, and to the respect of the ecological balance of the planet.

Love for things simple and harmonious. In a world that rages, photoshop, social networks, and filters that away from reality, the most beautiful thing is to return to the authenticity. It is easily recognized, which has at heart the hair of women as well as the assets with which she creates her formulas. The Italian brand from 2014 he collaborates with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and supports the Presidì, or components-hero that selects from local producers attentive to the ingredients at risk of extinction. This explains why the person who respects the nature he loves and its Essential Haircare: nine lines, with the active ingredients from the slow food presidium, that meet every need of the hair, from the texture to the thickness.

Each family in the Essential Haircare has a specific property: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protection, elasticity, discipline, delicacy daily.

To choose what is best for us and point to the quality.

Thinking about the next. A positive impact on others is the first step to feeling good.

Of those around us, but not only of human beings. Think of what they feed the poor seagulls to survive, or the forests and woods which take away the life to produce objects.

Information. Be sure of the origin of the products that we use and understand, before buying, if the ethical principles were respected during the production.

Understand what we need. For example, are you curly? Behold, do not do evil to your curl-factor looking at all the ways of smoothing the hair, but on the contrary make it even more explosive. You have the dull hair? Choose products that light them up of course.

Recycling. You have finished a package of shampoo or conditioner? Riutilizzatela, such as containers, compartments or pots for the plants.

Sustainability. Those who embrace this philosophy, and knows that not only receives from nature, but the (re -) gives me something in return. The you can try from 3 to 15 July with a small gesture, together with easily recognized for fighting the presidium of the olive oil quercetana, a variety typical of the area delimited between the Italian provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara, which runs the risk of disappearing due to urbanization. How? Buying beauty kit “in defense of Beauty Sustainable“, composed of shampoo and conditioner one of the best sellers of the line Essential Haircare. Each box sold, to the value of 30 euros, will donate 2 euro to support the project.

Go to the website or page Facebook of easily recognized Italy to discover the lounges participating in the campaign “In defense of Beauty Sustainable, and to stay updated on the amount of the collected funds.


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Respect is the new Rock!