The term rose-water means the solution obtained from the distillation of rose petals in a current of steam, as is done by the process of extraction of essence. The only solvent that can be used to extract the active principles of the rose petals in the water. This product is perfect for the health of our hair, is obtained several times from the rosa gallica, other times from the rosa canina.

Rose water is widely used in aesthetics, both for the well-being of the skin and the hair. Thoroughly cleanses the skin and can be used as a basis for a natural peeling. Just mix it in equal parts with sugar and honey.

This natural product is also used to relieve the seborrheic dermatitis. In addition to the use of specific products, rose water allows you to cleanse the skin thoroughly. The disease in question presents with the appearance of scales and scabs, and is accompanied by discomfort and itching. Always at the aesthetic level it is also useful to make compresses from the place around the eyes, thereby treating dark circles. It is a good natural remedy against acne, pimples under the skin, couperose and wrinkles.

Rose water for hair

L‘rose water it seems incredible but, it can help you wash your hair. You have to spray it throughout the length of the hair and the skin before shampoo. Massage well the scalp for a few minutes with a brush and a fine-toothed pettinatevi, in this way you remove the dirt. Now you can use the shampoo and proceed with the normal washing.

This method of cleaning is excellent especially if you have oily hair, because it is an effective way to remove the excess oil from the skin. Not surprisingly it is also very useful for the skin that tends to produce an excessive amount of sebum. This is because rose water has a pH similar to that of your hair, is able to reduce the amount secerna of sebum restoring the gloss. You need to apply the rose water on the skin and massage in well and carefully the WHOLE area, after that you can proceed with the normal washing.

You can use rose water with dry hair, because it hydrates hair and scalp. It is an excellent ally when it comes to remove the frizz. If you want to get an effect even more powerful, you need to join the rose water and glycerin together in equal parts.

So how can you use the rose water before the shampoo, you can also use it after, instead of the normal conditioner. In addition to give it a good smell, you will see how will be even more shiny!

Benefits of rose water for your hair!

But the reason for which the rose water is so good for us? Let’s see in brief what are its main benefits:

  • Limits the damage of the aggressive treatments that put on your hair, such as hair dryer and straightener. Is your hair ruined. To get very good effects in this way, add the rose oil to the jojoba oil. Clearly it is not enough the application of this product, you should also try to limit yourself to the use of plates and dryer or still try to purchase the best products that will not damage too much the hair as the plate and steam.
  • Makes your hair grow faster. According to some people, there is a link between the use of rose water and the growth of the hair. The vitamins contained within, stimulate this process. Remember, however, that this theory has never been approved scientifically, so don’t expect a “magic potion” that can help you obtain a head of hair long and flowing. According to us, the rose water helps in this sense because a hair healthy tends to grow first in relation to one ruined, and this product helps keep it that way.

  • Makes stronger the hair. Perfect if your break easily. Do you think that already in China it was used with the aim to make them stronger, by interacting with the circulation of the scalp.
  • Reduces dandruff, while keeping the hair well hydrated and soft. We recommend that you add rose water to the seeds of the fenugreek to soak in the water, so as to crush them when they are soft and get a nice paste to apply.
  • Improves the the scalp, because it acts positively on the circulation of the blood. Here, then, is that you get a hair more healthy, less dry and less fat, the more protected from infections.

How to make rose water homemade for the life of all the days

Beautiful to see and extremely versatile. Therose water is famous for its wide use in daily life, in particular in the beauty sector but not only. In addition to giving us an intense fragrance between the hairs and give an extra touch under the sheets, the rose petals are edible and find their why in the kitchen.

Therose water, in fact, can be used to replace some chemicals that so well do to our skin. For example, it may be useful as a soap made at home, to replace the shampoo and give us a intriguing scent as a deodorant.

Where and how to use it

Spray scented

Most people, if not all, shopping centers are attracted by the scent of the beauty products on sale. Very often, these fragrances artificial are the strong point of perfumes, soaps and shampoos, but they are also one of the ingredients the most dangerous.

This is not the case with therose water which is an ideal base to replace the spray scented. How? For example, a shampoo leaves the hair clean and protects the natural balance of oils in the scalp. The rose water adds a touch of floral scent without damaging the hair.

To create your own fragrance diy process is very simple. Mix a teaspoon of pure extract of vanilla with essential oils in a spray bottle of glass. Fill up to the brim with rose-water. Finally, spray on the hair and kept in the refrigerator.

You can use all the combinations that you prefer. You can add the lavender, the rosemary, etc., find your fragrance ideal and discover the fantastic sensations of the essential oils. Once you have found your ideal set, also your mood will thank you.

For the deodorant, instead, you just add therose water in a spray bottle accompanied by a couple of drops of essential oil, better if lavender. Spruzzalo on the bed sheets before going to bed in the evening, will give you a healthy feeling of relaxation and encourage a peaceful night’s rest.

Skin care

Therose water helps to balance the skin’s pH, reduces redness and irritation, tightens pores and helps to cool and soothe the unpleasant feeling of a warm skin. It is, therefore, one of the ingredients for the beauty products made at home. Let’s see how to do it.

Toner facial

Keeps thewater rose inside of a glass bottle of dark color. Add a drop or two of lavender, or rose oil, and apply on the face with a cotton ball. This must be done after a shower or after having washed the face.


Compound parts the same therose water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it on the sunburned skin for relief guaranteed.

Improvement of mood

Therose water also acts as a great boost for the mood. If it splashes on yourself and breathe in the scent, you can see immediately how your mood will be affected positively. In particular, if we add the two cups in the bath, you can enjoy a relaxing evening that will sweep away the fatigue, physical and mental, of the day just lived.

Rose water in the kitchen

There are various uses of rose water in the kitchen. Among the most common are:

  • tea
  • yogurt
  • lemonade.

How to prepare rose water at home

There are two ways to make rose water: for boiling or distillation. The first is the most simple and fast and consists in bringing, in fact, to boil the rose petals (fresh or dried doesn’t matter) in the water. The result is a fragrant water of rose color. This is the best method for recipes and uses limited as the fragrance, in this case, does not have a long duration.

The second method, however, requires a bit more time and allow the rose water to remain longer. Let’s look at it in detail.


  • petals of withered roses
  • water
  • ice
  • large pot with lid
  • brick cleaner (yes, a brick)
  • bowl heat-resistant
  • a dark bottle for storage.


  • Put the brick on the bottom of the pot, in the centre. Above, laying the bowl.
  • Measure about a cup and a half of rose petals dried and add them in the pot. Must not be on the inside of the bowl, but all around the brick and under the bowl itself.
  • Pour water into the pot until it touches the edge of the brick.
  • Cover the pot with the lid. This will allow the steam to gather in toward the center.
  • Now put the ice on the back of the cover to push the vapour to condense and, subsequently, to release itself into the bowl.
  • Bring the water to a boil and reduce the flame to a minimum but still the water to boil. When the ice melts, replace it and cook for at least 30 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and let cool completely.
  • Carefully lift the cover so that the melted ice does not fall.
  • Pour carefully thewater rose in the bottle of dark color.
  • You can store it at room temperature for up to 6 months, but it is also good in the refrigerator.

How to choose rose petals

There are over a hundred different varieties of roses. If you do not have a terrace or a garden where you can cultivate them yourself, I recommend that you buy them from a source of organic matter. It is very important that the rose petals are free of pesticides, so that therose water produced is not rich in chemical substances inside it.

The last advice

It is easy to prepare rose water at home? Yes, but of course it takes commitment and a lot of attention to the details! You have to bring, first of all, 130-150 petals of roses, making sure they are not treated. Take a litre of distilled water and bring to the boil. Immergeteci inside the petals for half an hour. The filtered and stored water for 20 days in a bowl of dark, so that light does not degrade components. Leave it in the fridge.

Some say that you can replace the water with thewhite vinegar, the tonic in this case is very suitable for the oily skin.

This is the preparation to be used for the cleaning of skin and hair. The petals of the rose, however, can also be used to make a drink. The infusion of the petals of the rose has a disinfectant, acts as sfiammante for the gums and reduces the pain of menstruation are particularly intense.


Rose water benefits for hair and how to make it at home!