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Lovers of short hair, hold on tight! To be able to enrich your range of potential alternatives, there is nothing better than to continue reading this brief insight, because at its end you will find well over 100 different styles that could go for more in the course of 2017, and that, therefore, it may be your next choice. Continue therefore to read to discover the cues that are most useful to be able to make a good makeover in the next few days, and get to greet the new year with a new hairstyle for you to discover!

Short or very short?

A first aspect that you should keep in mind in view of an upcoming makeover, is that short hair 2017 will not necessarily be very short. The range of the short hairstyle that is becoming for the next few months is in fact quite varied, and seems to gradually prefer long locks to short and medium-those that play on the contrasts of volume. Therefore, if up to now you have kept away from short hair because had thought that we were having to cut too much, you have all the time to think again and to be able to locate a style which can fully reflect your preferences!

Pixie, messy, undercut & co.!

Introduced as above, and making a small step forward, we can recall the embarrassment of the choice is certainly not only of length, but also the style and the hairstyle that you may be able to show off. For 2017, the range is quite diverse and open: you can bet on the traditional pixie cut, bob, short, on the undercut combined with the pixie (huge trend!) or again on a more generic style boyish, perhaps more appreciated, through the use of a effect messy that scompigliando a little bit of hair can be useful to give you a touch of more youthful cheeky.

100 photos and not to be missed!

Beyond the ideas of start that you have already established in your mind, we advise you to see the rich gallery, which you can find in just a few lines: inside, you could in fact try to identify some useful model that can make your appreciation of your beauty and your uniqueness. As we have often mentioned, we recommend taking a very careful look at the details, trying to understand how you can customize it – perhaps, in the company of a good hairdresser! – to be able to enhance your strengths. What do you think?

Prima1 of 103Dopo

The 100 best short haircuts for 2017!