When the heat hangs in the balance as the humidity of the axle and nothing keeps at bay the hair making it appear smooth a distant memory, if not even a mirage, ammetiamolo… the thought runs to the keratin. Or, better, a treatment of the keratin that, at least for some time, carry out an anti-frizz, giving shape and natural movement to the hair.

But trust it or not? The treatments that the keratin to moisturize and soften, or make it even more dry hair? The opinions are many and conflicting, and often is born from very little information. We begin, in fact, the say that the keratin is a protein produced by our body, which acts as the “glue, and is present in the hair, in nails and in the skin. In the hair, most importantly, ensures hydration, because it allows you to retain water, giving force to the fiber, protecting it from physical aggression and chemical and giving shape to the drum. The bad news is that the keratin decreases with age, and it is for this reason that in time the hair loses consistency and thickness.

But… here come to the aid of the treatments to do in the salon, that use hydrolyzed protein, a substance very similar to keratin created in the laboratory, therefore able to penetrate and form a sort of protective sheath of the stem, making it less frizzy and more “alive”, in the form. The effect lasts for a few months and the treatments are of two types: straightening and repairing. The latter restructures and gives shape to the hair, idratandolo in depth and creating an effect anti-frizz, lasting several months.

Because the treatment of the keratin is often demonized? Because it says too dry the hair, making it even more fragile. But this happens in the presence of aggressive substances such as formaldehyde, the most well-known and dangerous because of in addition allergenic, has been shown to be carcinogenic action. So the first trick is to make sure that the treatment that is going to perform in the salon does not contain this substance, and the like.

But today, technology has made leaps and bounds, and new treatments are less invasive, as the new Service Kerasilk Control De-Frizz for Goldwell that controls the frizz and revives the natural shape of the hair only in one hour, while maintaining the natural volume. And alongside the classic treatment of the brand, Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment, which ensures hair smooth and soft up to 3-5 months. The services Kerasilk Control use the exclusive KeraShapeTechnology that interacts with the structure of the hair rebels and unruly thanks to the formula for thermal activation that penetrates in depth and creates bonds cheratinici that give new shape to the hair and smooth the surface.

Finally, at home you can prolong the effect with De-Frizz Primer, which prepares the hair, facilitating styling and prolongs the smoothing effect of the Service De-Frizz, and Humidity Barrier Spraythat protects the hair from humidity, stopping frizz, unwanted and giving a finish brilliant and light.

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The keratin, yes, but be careful…